Corporate Profile

Near and Far

In 1998, the founders of GlobalSoft Digital Solutions, believing their current employers too often built solutions based solely on available technological capabilities, set out to create a unique communications resource that was nimble, quick-to-market, and adaptive to client needs.

Today, GlobalSoft Digital Solutions serves the Marketing, CRM, and Internal Communications needs of clients large and small, near and far. Their technologically advanced, client-focused solutions have earned the trust of many of the top pharmaceutical, financial services, automotive, and manufacturing companies in the world - and are the reason why GlobalSoft Digital Solutions is recognized as the first Premier Digital Print and Fulfillment Provider by Hewlett-Packard.

GlobalSoft Digital Solutions is a privately held company with corporate headquarters and U.S. operations in Mahwah, New Jersey, and a GlobalSoft International (GSI)* facility in Lyon, France.

GlobalSoft International (GSI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of GlobalSoft Digital Solutions.

"GlobalSoft was among the earliest adopters of digital technologies. As such, we have in-depth knowledge of its current capabilities and future evolution. Our goal, as implementation experts, is flawless execution each and every time. We utilize the latest technology to develop leading-edge solutions based solely on what is necessary and effective versus what is available at the time."

Chris Petro, President

More Than Paper and Ink

Our approach to all communications - from targeted, multiwave direct mail campaigns, to personalized newsletters, to conference and trade show teaser programs - revolves around your message to your customers. The message must convey that you understand what is important to them and how best to reach them with the information they need, precisely when they need it.

This attention to detail is what sets GlobalSoft Digital Solutions apart - and why you can be certain your relevant messages will reach your targets consistently, flawlessly, and cost-effectively:

  • We have the knowledge and experience to provide strategic guidance upfront, deployment management mid-program, and tactical support on the back end.
  • We immerse ourselves in your brand and your business in order to design, integrate, and implement solutions on your terms, so they work within your business model.
  • We separate the clever and complicated from the elegant, efficient, and effective.
  • We assign dedicated project managers who work hand-in-hand with marketing and creative as part of an integrated team.

"We help companies improve the effectiveness of their communications by refining the possibilities, customizing solutions, streamlining production workflows, managing information, and avoiding waste and duplication."

Art Manzo, Executive Vice President, Client Operations