eBoss Overview

eBoss Event Box

When the goal is to attract and retain customers, no one receives a second chance to make a good first impression.

Corporate event preparation is stressful and time-consuming. There are attendee name badges to print and assemble. Customized banners and signage need to be produced. And, then there are welcome letters, directions, and agendas to worry about. All pieces must be corporate brand compliant, professional, consistent, and well-coordinated - layout, colors, paper stock, logos, etc. Pulling it all together in a short time frame with limited resources and while adhering to corporate brand guidelines is difficult and time-consuming. All it takes is one missing or misprinted component to throw an entire event off track.And, if you're coordinating an out-of-state event that necessitates the use of distant multiple suppliers the probability of something significant going wrong increases dramatically.

The GlobalSoft Event Box Orientation Solution(eBOSS)is your best solution. eBOSS is our print-on-demand, turnkey solution that ties together a multitude of discrete event-related processes such as coordination, logistics, fulfillment, packaging, and shipping. This innovative solution is designed to enable our clients to focus on the content and quality of their presentation while we handle the coordination and organizational details.