Marketing On Demand

Today's marketers are seeing a dramatic shift from mass marketing to highly personalized, targeted marketing. They must collect, retain, and segment data that is constantly changing utilizing the latest digital technology that is continuously evolving.

You know that narrowly defining target audiences and creating highly specific messages will produce positive results. However, market windows are shrinking. Marketing budgets are flat. And the pressure is on to use new, unfamiliar technologies to grab market share before the competition. In order to succeed, you must make wise choices about which approaches are best to invest your marketing dollars.

The GlobalSoft Marketing-On-Demand Solution can help you identify, create custom communications, and reach customers that need, want, and will purchase your product.

Marketing-On-Demand Solution Benefits

Identify segments that are ready to buy GlobalSoft's Marketing-On-Demand solution utilizes sophisticated psycho-demographic indicators and data to help you identify profiles within customer segments that need, want, and will purchase your product. Our solution engages variable integration templates to personalize content within your messages that will resonate with customer profiles and trigger the desired action.

Reach customers The created messages are quickly sent via multiwave communications (direct mail, e-mail, cellular, SMS, instant messaging, and facsimile) through each customer's and prospective customer's preferred message delivery channel to assure the deepest reach.

Effective resource usage As implementation experts, we recommend the most effective step-by-step approach given the time, budget, and other resources dedicated to a project to produce measurable results. Our solutions help control operating expenses by reducing carrying costs incurred when printing and inventorying large quantities, minimizing collateral waste that occurs through obsolescence, as well as reducing storage costs.

Content control GlobalSoft solutions are designed to help reduce your business risk by ensuring that legal and compliance text and graphics remain static within the marketing content and can only be modified by authorized personnel.

Brand identity control GlobalSoft solutions enable efficient and effective corporate brand identity deployment, implementation, and ongoing continuity control within your standards and guidelines.

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