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GSDS exhibits and speaks at the Catholic Marketing Network Tradeshow in Arlington, Texas. 

Océ brings Advantages of production Black & White printing to GlobalSoft Digital Solutions.
Océ VarioPrint digital printing solution features workflow software that integrates printing platforms

MAY 2011
GlobalSoft Digital Solutions' Christopher Petro to be featured in Canvas Magazine's May 2011 issue "THE RACE TO EMBRACE NEW TECHNOLOGY".


spoke one-on-one with Dscoop Chairman Chris Petro and HP’s Francis McMahon, Director of Marketing, Americas, for HP’s Graphics Solutions Business, covering a wide range of topics. Click the link above to view the article.

GlobalSoft Digital Solutions' Christopher Petro to be featured at the:
2009 DSCOOP Conference. February 19-21 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA.

GlobalSoft Digital Solutions' Christopher Petro is the Lead Panelist at the:
NJ Print Craftsman Event this year. The event takes place at REDD's Restaurant in Carlsdadt, the 16th of October from 6 to 9 p.m.  The New Jersey Chapter of Printing House Craftsmen is an organization dedicated to individuals in the Graphic Arts Industry for the purpose of their self developement, their companies' success, and the enhancement of the Graphic Arts Industry in society. 2007
GlobalSoft Digital Solutions receives award from the NJ Business Marketing Association.

MAY 2006
GlobalSoft Digital Solutions highlighted in May issue of Big Picture Magazine for award-winning multi-component Variable Print Program.

JUNE 2006
MMA (Medical Marketing Association) awards it's highest award; the Gold International Award of Excellence to the consumer relationship marketing campaign, developed for Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and printed and executed by GlobalSoft. MMA’s IN-AWE awards recognize the year’s most creative performances in medical marketing. Close to 1,000 entries were received for the 2006 competition




Asian scholars tour GlobalSoft Digital Solutions as part of RCNJ’s  immersion program

Mahwah, NJ (July 13, 2012)—GlobalSoft Digital Solutions, a leading international digital marketing, print and distribution company, recently opened its North American doors to twenty-three international scholars of East China University in Shanghai, China for a tour and presentation of the company’s role in the digital print industry. Looking to continue a strong and positive presence in the community, GSDS took the opportunity to work with Ramapo College of New Jersey to not only provide a hands-on learning experience for the students, but further educate others on the field of digital marketing and print.  

“Working with local colleges to educate students on emerging technology in digital marketing is a win/win for GlobalSoft. It helps the students get hands- on experience of real world applications and technology that they would never read or experience in college. For us, it gives us the opportunity to introduce digital technology at the grass roots level and build organic bonds with the future of our industry,” stated Christopher M. Petro, President and CEO of GlobalSoft Digital Solutions. “We host these kinds of sessions as often as the opportunity presents itself and feel they have immediate and long term benefits. This opportunity is unique as it challenges our staff to share and educate with others from a completely different culture,” said Petro.

The international scholar students were part of the two-week U.S. Business and Public Administration Immersion Summer Program at Ramapo College of New Jersey. During their stay, the students took college courses composed of 4 modules in the fields of macroeconomic policy, business environment, corporate culture, business strategy, and more. In addition to their studies, field trips to American companies were provided to allow an overview of the economic, business and political environment of the U.S.A.  

“The students are very interested in visiting U.S. businesses to view first-hand the operations of these organizations and to meet and interact with their leaders,” said Rosa Diaz-Mulryan, Assistant Vice President of the Center for Innovative and Professional Learning at RCNJ. “As a leader in digital communications solutions for both large and small clients internationally, GSDS well represents the innovative strategies and technologies used by today's U.S. companies. Ramapo includes this type of experiential education in all of its programs.”

“The company visit was fantastic because we learned how [GSDS] is organized, operates and how it does business. I learned a lot about the American company culture, which will benefit me in understanding the culture and help me work in a foreign company like American companies,” said international scholar, Zhi Hui Huang.

The scholars were not, however, the first international audience to visit the Mahwah facility. Two months prior, GSDS hosted a similar event with 11 Japanese businessmen in the industry of digital print, who also intended to view an American business at work. Other initiatives continue to be coordinated, including a similar visit from students of RCNJ’s scholarship program, EOF (Educational Opportunity Fund), as well as, the recent implementation of an all year round internship program at their Mahwah office.




U.S. Digital Printing Company Hosts Webinar to Kick Off New Marketing Division

Mahwah, NJ (June 7,  2012) – After years of successful integration with customers in the marketing services and distributions arena, GlobalSoft Digital Solutions announced its new marketing services and logistics division: GlobalSoft Innovations , with its mission to be an international thought leader in the space of customer-centric marketing, “voice of customer” marketing, cross-media integration, and marketing logistics.  

“Innovations is an accumulation of years of effort and integration of solutions with our customers.  We’ve never been just a digital printer, but more of a marketing consultant/service provider,” said CEO Christopher M. Petro. “We’re excited because we’ve always dealt with customers that have these challenges. As media changes, so does the value and support of our products we offer. Our goal has always been to stay ahead of the curve and bring our clients the most popular, effective, and quantifiable results. GlobalSoft Innovations is an actual progression of those partnerships.”

GSDS, a leading digital printing and distribution company in Mahwah, hosted an exclusive webinar May 31 to officially kick off the Innovations division after it being in soft-launch mode for nine months.

 “The soft launch we did in the fall of 2011 proved its self, so we formalized this division and have collectively committed to the success of it. This is a launch with a mass marketing mindset,” said GlobalSoft Innovations director, Peter Winters. “We want everyone to be aware of our coming out with a successful webinar launch that will not only show our capabilities, but prove them through the education and opportunities we have and can provide to our customer base.”

The hour long webinar delivered to multiple companies interested in learning more about the Innovations approach to the changed world of “marketing communications” and “new media.” Winters presented the impact of this changed world on business marketing plan and processes, with further focus on the ability of Innovations to provide more one-on-one interaction with clients, establish more customer based marketing, integrate cross media presence, and further nurture marketing cycles and projects.

In response to the good feedback of the attendees, the Innovations team plans to continue mass marketing plans for the new division with another possible educational event. Petro commented, “We have case studies. We have experience. We have a non-bias approach to media distribution. Whether its print distribution, media or digital marketing...we can consolidate and compress time toward affective marketing campaigns. We can help them them in this complex and evolving new media world.”

Visit to learn more about GlobalSoft Innovations’ services, as well as, follow its educational and informational blog about the new media world.  




US Based International Digital Marketing Firm Continues Sustainability Efforts

GlobalSoft Digital Solutions to Install Solar Panels at Headquarters’ Building.


MAHWAH, NEW JERSEY (May 15, 2012) – GlobalSoft Digital Solutions, a leading digital marketing company in Mahwah, announced it agreement to install a state-of-the-art solar system on the roof of its U.S. headquarters’ facility. The new system, valued upwards of $1 million and subsidized by the State of NJ’s Clean Energy Program, will be installed by one of the East Coast’s leading solar integrators, Mercury Solar Systems, and will provide GlobalSoft with 30-50% of its energy (depending on the time of the year), save the company money, and even provide pay back within a few years.


"Our clients are looking more and more towards partners who embrace sustainable operations. So along with being a world community partner concerned with our carbon output footprint, we felt solar is just one more way we can do the right thing as a corporate citizen,” said Christopher M. Petro, President and CEO of GlobalSoft Digital Solutions. “We wanted more. We really wanted to develop our own power using the sun and be part of the solution—not just look good on paper through buying alternative power from the grid. In some months, we will actually deliver energy back into the grid for others to use. To me, that's action, and responsibility, and commitment to the environment.”


The decision was made to expand on the company's previously initiated sustainability practices of cardboard/paper waste recycling, high efficiency/green lighting, and proximity control of energy and lighting throughout the facility. “It’s a culture” Petro continued. “Everyone in our organization has joined our corporate efforts to make sustainability viable for us. Without the commitment of our people…sustainability doesn’t work.”


 “GlobalSoft exemplifies why New Jersey ranks as the second largest state for solar installations,” said Jared Haines, President of Mercury Solar Systems. “Chris and his team understand how going green can help drive the business forward and we look forward to helping them maximize their investment.”


The project is expected to commence at the end of May, with the hope from GlobalSoft Digital to take full advantage of the summer sun.



About Mercury Solar Systems

Mercury Solar Systems is one of the leading solar integrators on the East Coast recognized for two consecutive years as one of Inc. 500’s fastest growing energy companies. The Company designs and installs solar panels and solar energy systems for commercial and residential customers and to date has installed nearly 2,000 systems in excess of 35MW of energy. Mercury Solar Systems is a subsidiary of Mercury Energy, a leading provider of solar energy systems throughout the United States. For more information, visit


Mercury Solar Systems is a registered trademark of Mercury Solar Systems, Inc. 




President & CEO of GlobalSoft Digital family of companies gets selected as International Chairman of DSCOOP. Check it out here!

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MAY 17 CEO Chris Petro speaks with Cary Sherburne about the duties of DSCOOP Global.

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