Relationship Marketing Overview

It is far more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to nurture and retain existing ones.

A customer relationship built over a lifetime can be lost overnight because your competition reached out, addressed needs, and captured your customer's interest/attention/focus. Maintaining customer relationships today is the key to continued business success tomorrow, and the ability for companies to conduct meaningful dialogues with existing customers has become even trickier. What's the best approach to keep your customers' eyes focused on you?

The GlobalSoft Relationship Marketing Solution provides proactive one-to-one customer communications and customer loyalty programs that leverage customer information in order to maintain and build strong relationships.

Relationship Marketing Solution Benefits

Build customer loyalty. Providing timely information on products and services says you understand your customer's needs, reinforces your commitment to the relationship, builds loyalty, and increases the probability the customer will continue to buy from you in the future. We are implementation experts who help clients design, cleanse, and manage their existing customer database in order to deliver communication messages that resonate with their customers to maintain customer satisfaction and retain that customer going forward.

Personalized content Our Relationship Marketing solution engages variable integration templates to personalize content within your messages that will capture the customer's attention, encourage dialogue, and build loyalty.

Effective resource usage As implementation experts, we recommend the most effective step-by-step approach given the time, budget, and other resources dedicated to a project to produce measurable results. Our solutions help control operating expenses by reducing carrying costs incurred when printing and inventorying large quantities, minimizing collateral waste that occurs through obsolescence, as well as reducing storage costs.

Content control GlobalSoft solutions are designed to help reduce your business risk by ensuring that legal and compliance text and graphics remain static within the marketing content and can only be modified by authorized personnel.

Brand identity control GlobalSoft solutions enable efficient and effective corporate brand identity deployment, implementation, and ongoing continuity control within your standards and guidelines.

Relationship Marketing Related Services

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