Web Enabled Overview

A key ingredient in establishing a professional corporate image is consistent and polished delivery of all documents, collateral, and premiums that carry your logo. However, the cost and time in managing corporate identity/brands is challenging organizations to look for more turnkey solutions.

Employees using low-resolution logos in the wrong color, the wrong position, on the wrong paper can sully your corporate image. Salespeople reprinting brochures with outdated information And, in a world of rapidly changing information, materials can become obsolete fast, potentially leaving you with mountains of outdated marketing and sales materials.

The GlobalSoft Web-enabled Solution provides web-enabled, print-on-demand, just-in-time documents, collateral, and premiums that can be customized online in exact accordance to your guidelines.

Web-enabled Solution Benefits

Brand identity control GlobalSoft provides web-enabled, print-on-demand, just-in-time documents, collateral, and premiums that can be customized online with strict enforcement, policing, and implementation of your brand identity guidelines. We have the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to provide a high level of professional service to multinational, global corporations.

Easy-to-use web platform We provide ONE user-friendly web platform for all your approved employees to order corporate sales brochures, collateral, and premiums from their desktops, delivered to their desired destination. The solution engages variable integration templates to allow personnel to enter personalized content where necessary, i.e., business cards, letterheads. Previews of the finished products are instantly provided for viewing and approval via a PDF.

Built-in approvals and cost controls The solution can be customized to meet your approval/budgetary requirements. We can provide fields for job numbers, budget codes, and credit cards to track and report related expenditures.

Superior process management Each web-enabled client is managed via a dedicated and experienced GlobalSoft project manager who will work with you to modify the platform to meet your specifications, provide assistance to employees, and work with key personnel to ensure that all materials and premiums are up-to-date and in stock.

Effective resource usage Focus on your core business while GlobalSoft takes care of a multitude of time-consuming details. Our web-enabled solution helps control costs by saving hours of administrative time, minimizing collateral waste that occurs through obsolescence, and reducing storage/inventory costs. We also provide centralized and volume buying of premiums such as mugs, pens, bags, and industry-specific premiums.

Content control GlobalSoft solutions are designed to help reduce your business risk by ensuring that legal and compliance text and graphics remain static within the marketing content and can only be modified by authorized personnel.

Web-enabled Related Services

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  • Program management support
  • Web portal management
  • Variable integration template creation
  • Digital asset management
  • Collateral production
  • Merchandise/premium ordering, stocking, and delivery
  • Online store
  • Match mailing
  • Binder and kit component assembly
  • Storage: management, logistics, mailing/distribution services